Rain and Wind

We have standing water in the front and back yards. It’s still raining and the wind is picking up. It’s 42* but “feels like” 34* with the wind. A miserable day.

I have a tiny pattern (totally accidental) in my reading. I impulsively picked up _Make Space for Happiness _. It’s about losing clutter by figuring out why you have it. It’s about how marketing encourages hoarding. BOGO sales. Buy 3 get the 4th free. I have also discovered “things you need” segments in what used to be serious news programs. The book is about believing you are enough without stuff. I am not a hoarder but I accumulate books and crafting supplies beyond what I “need”. Which means I also picked up Simon Brett’s book _The Clutter Corpse_. There are 2 more books in the series should I like the first one.

After much discussion and debate, Dennis and I decided on the dates we will be in California for the birth of JD. Babies are unreliable when guessing the date of their debut into the world. We’re going a few days before due date and staying a week past due date. Plane tickets are bought…so keeping fingers crossed weather or overbooked flights won’t affect us. After searching for Airbnb in the area, we settled on a hotel that is 10 minutes away. Basically the same price but much closer.

Since we are housebound due to weather, I’m reading those books and using those craft supplies. Proving I’m not a hoarder.. right?


2 thoughts on “Rain and Wind

  1. Marica

    I am sitting here wondering whether or not I should comment on the hoarding topic. I’ll think about it. I did get a nice compliment the other day. Phen said our house was very nice and organized. 🙂 I should have shown him the wooden DMC cabinet that has all of the floss I collected back in my needlepoint days, organized by number!

    Excited about the new grand-baby!

    1. jobethbrady Post author

      I don’t judge anyone. I have a tendency to accumulate more than I can keep under control. Photos are a big issue. I like to scrapbook them. I found some very cool Mardi Gras/ French quarter papers online and ordered them. They arrived. I went to start this scrapbook and it took a while to find the box of 2020 photos. All there except the New Orleans one. I’d obviously put them somewhere so I’d scrapbook them and forgot. I searched another hour before giving up and ordering another set of prints. Fortunately they were still on the computer.
      I admire people who are able to keep collections organized and use what they have. I’m not that person.


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