It’s a Guatemalan dish that Jose served us tonight. It’s like a stuffed, thick tortilla. Inside it are beans, cheese, and zucchini. It is topped with a slaw like mixture. Delicious. I had mine with about 3 drops of hot sauce. Based on the food we’ve had with the Ordonez family, Guatemalan food is very spicy.

Last night we found out my mom had emergency surgery for a twisted small intestine. The surgery was successful and after 2 or 3 days in the hospital she should go home. We were convinced that there was nothing we could do, so we’ll stay until Tuesday, as planned. If the situation changes, we’ll head home immediately.

Yesterday afternoon we checked out the California Bass Pro near Riverside. It was smaller than the one in Springfield, but we had fun looking around.

This afternoon we checked out Trader Joe’s. I wish Springfield had one! Quite a bit fancier than Aldi. I picked up some of their Charles Shaw Shiraz wine. To see how it compares to Aldi Winking Owl. That will happen tomorrow because I didn’t think about needing a cork screw.


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