Cielito Lindo

It means pretty sky and the it’s the place where we ate last night. I had the best fish tacos (so far). My first fish tacos were at a food truck at Loomis Basin brewery. They set a high standard that few other places have met.

Earlier in the afternoon, we walked to a local ice cream shop. I had hot chocolate ice cream made with Abuelita chocolate. That’s what they use to make Mexican hot chocolate and it has some cinnamon in it. It was delicious.

Junior went back to work yesterday, since we are here to help Hannah and JD. He’s starting to look around more, between eating and sleeping. He’s also stretching out his legs.

Sunday was Hannah’s birthday. We celebrated by playing 27 holes of mini golf at a place called Glo. Each hole was a different country, all done in glowing paint, under black lights. It was inside and handicapped friendly, so we brought JdD in the stroller. He slept through it.

The weather is a bit chillier that I expected. The sun is warm but there’s a cool breeze and the temperature drops fast when the sun goes down. Tomorrow they predict rain.


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