No Jacket Needed

Today started out gray but the sun poked out mid morning. Everything was still sloshy from yesterday’s rain. The roofers showed up early and got the east side of my parents roof finished. Rain is expected the next few days, so I’m not sure when they will start on our roof.

Brenda, the dogs and I took a walk about 2. The wind was gusty but the sun was bright. Our thermometer said 73*. I wore a lightweight flannel shirt with my jeans. No jacket needed.

Down to the final pages of _Demon Copperhead _. Damon finally gets a good foster home and plays varsity football his freshman year. Then the beginning of next season, gets a serious knee injury. Didn’t get proper medical care. Addicted to pain meds. Downward spiral. Happy ending seems unlikely. and yet I read on.

With the rain and warmer weather, our yard is greening up. It will need mowing when we get home from California.


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