Emptying the fridge

The countdown to our trip to meet JD is on. We’ll be gone almost two weeks, so I don’t want any food left to spoil while we’re gone. It will be leftovers, leftovers and leftovers until we leave. It won’t be a hardship since we have both meatloaf and chicken to alternate meals. We also have lots of spring greens for salads. The big tub of strawberry yogurt may be a bit of a challenge. I’m thinking dessert as well as breakfast.

I made it halfway through _Demon Copperhead_ and am still loving it. It’s a long story and not a fast read. 

March Madness. It was sweet watching the Razorbacks beat Kansas. It will be interesting to watch them take on UConn on Thursday.

The roofers showed up mid morning Monday. They got the west half of my parents house done. It rained today but hopefully they’ll get it finished tomorrow.

Last night Matt and family came over for dinner and a visit. Last week was spring break for Springfield schools. They a big adventure in St. Louis. They went up in the arch, went to the Science Center and the City Museum. Things Dennis and I did with our kids. The City Museum didn’t exist for the boys, but Hannah got hooked on it and continued going there through college. It’s a very cool place that just keeps expanding and evolving.

Another chicken was dead in the pen yesterday. None of the other chickens appear sick. There’s no reason to think Avian Flu. The hens are 3 years old, so old age is a more likely involved. In a few months, we’ll get baby chicks and begin a new cycle of life.


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