An early arrival

Our friends George and Linda visited us on their way back to Illinois from South Padre Island. They got here Tuesday afternoon. I decided to celebrate an early St Patrick Day meal of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. It went over well.

We had a leisurely breakfast Wednesday morning, followed by some shopping. Bass Pro carries George’s favorite sandals so he got a new pair. Linda found some cute tennis shoes and a metal ladybug plant/garden decoration. That inspired her to want to shop for more cute lawn and garden decorations. We discovered a place NE of Willard that has a lot of concrete statuary and they also install fountains of all sizes. It’s called Sunshine Hills Gifts and we had no clue such a place existed.

Dennis was friendly with Big Foot but I found the alligator behind him frightening

We ended the day at Pisanos Sauce Lounge. It’s been over a year since we ate there. We were happy to discover the pizza and atmosphere was as good as we remembered.

Our friends left soon after breakfast this morning. Shortly afterwards we got a text from Hannah. She was at the hospital and in active labor. JD made his appearance about 4:30 California time he weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19” long. So much for all our plans to be there for his birth. We’re going to head out there as originally planned.

Mom and son. Everyone’s doing fine, including dad.


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