Fraught with Change

That sounds dramatic, but what our weather person said about our roller coaster temperatures the past week.

I finished reading _John Eyre_ by Mimi Matthews. I read it for the role reversal of the characters. John Eyre hired by Mrs. Rochester to tutor her 2 (male) wards. The writer knew her Charlotte Brontë. She veered away from the original story by adding a vampire to the mix. It was done subtly and was well woven into the story. I enjoyed the book.

Our church has a number of elderly members and we’ve had a lot of deaths the past 6 months. The most recent death was Helen, age 97. She was the head of quilters and was part of the group that played dominoes every Wednesday afternoon. Her grandson who has MS lived with her and they managed to take care of each other. She was a good woman and will be missed.

MODoT switched our supplemental insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield to United Health. The m not big on change, especially changes I have no control over. Thursday we had a visit from a Home Health nurse. It had all been arranged in advance. It seems this insurance company is interested in preventive care. Fortunately Dennis and I are mostly healthy and functional. We were found capable of muddling through our daily routines without outside assistance.

The historic Gillioz theater in Springfield has resumed their every other Wednesday matinees. We plan to go to the first one. It is “the King and I”. Old movies for old folks. 🤪. If you are over 60, it’s free. $5 for the young ‘uns.


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