The Day After

Since we don’t get Fox channel with our antenna, we had to stream the Superbowl game on Dennis’ laptop. We just put it on a TV tray and sat close together on the couch. I didn’t do any football food prep. We agreed earlier that I’d just heat up a pizza after the game started. I chose a Freshetta supreme and it was delicious. We also had a couple beers. Nothing I’d consider “over indulging “ but we both had heartburn by the end of the game. Getting old isn’t for wimps.

I’m sure there were lots of Chiefs fans celebrating all last night. It was an exciting games and both teams played honorably. I’m a Chiefs fan and happy they won, but watching the Eagles play, it wouldn’t have been horrible to lose to them.

Today has been a beautiful day. Sunny and warmed up to 60*. Dennis spent the day cleaning out the chicken palace and spreading accumulated chicken poop on top of the leaves on the garden. It’s too wet to till it in. After some discussion, we decided there’s not any danger of it being too “hot” and burning plants when it’s time to plant. Which isn’t any time soon.

Khloe’s regular groomer canceled her appointment last week due to her horse getting injured. She isn’t sure when Khloe can be rescheduled. I’m going to have to take her to PetSmart this week. She is getting too shaggy and stinky to ignore. Hopefully the horse will recover soon and we can get back our regular grooming routine. First world problems are real.


1 thought on “The Day After

  1. Marica

    Have you tried connecting the laptop to your TV? HDMI is the easiest and best quality. For time to time something will do wacko and the TV won’t play whatever we want that’s streaming, but the laptop will. So I just connect them and the signal from the laptop goes to the TV.

    First world problems. I cannot figure out where the air mattress is.


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