Still winter

The days are getting noticeably longer. It was light out, not quite sunrise, when Khloe and I let the chickens out this morning. That’s the official beginning of the day. During the winter, Jeopardy at 5 pm marks the end of the workday. It’s no longer dark when Jeopardy comes on. We’ve reached a civilized length of daylight.

I finished _The New Rules of Aging Well_. Much of it I am already doing, but I think I need to add rollers and yoga to my routine. I need to work on increasing my flexibility.

This afternoon we played Mexican Train for the first time in close to 5 years. My parents came over and friends Vicki & Howard joined we us. they play dominoes with a group of seniors from our church on Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t realize when they said dominoes, they were talking about Mexican Train. It was fun to find out who was most competitive and who didn’t like to sit next to who. Hopefully the six of us can get together again. I’m not sure I want to join the Wednesday group. Some of them sound cutthroat.


3 thoughts on “Still winter

  1. Marica

    First thought? Why in the world would you want to put your hair in rollers? Showing my age. We have attempted various domino games several times over the years. Never quite got into it. Sounds like fun times.

    1. jobethbrady Post author

      Not hair rollers. The kind you roll sore or tight body muscles on. I spent too many childhood sleepless nights due to hair rollers my mom tortured me with to voluntarily do it to myself


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