‘It’s the season

Church was very busy today. Not only was it first Sunday of Advent, with the lighting of the first candle, our service was about the congregation hanging the greens and putting the 24 Chrismon ornaments on the tree. This group participation concept was a new thing for most of our congregation but I like the idea of it. Usually a few people come in the Saturday before and do it, so most people just walk in and it’s all been done. Dennis and I and several other members got everything in place for the congregation to place the greens on the alter rail and the tree set up and ready have the ornaments put on. Having everyone involved is a good thing.

We’re having sunny weather. 60’s during the day and near freezing at night. We could use some rain but I’m not complaining. Walking in the afternoon has been delightful.

I’m a little more than halfway through Lisey’s Story. To use King’s own word, it is “bad gunky ” scary. Of course I’m loving it.

Tonight we are having our first meal with zero thanksgiving leftovers involved. Rachel Ray’s Italian tuna casserole.

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