Happy Thanksgiving

Continuing in the tradition of putting turkey in oven in time to watch Macy’s parade and pretend it will be done in time to eat at noon. Whatever time we eat, it’s all good and lots of fun.

Tuesday we got our CoVid19 booster. It was a lot easier than our original shots. We got it at a local pharmacy and total time about 30 minutes. Yesterday I felt a bit tired and achy and my arm was a little sore, but got everything on my list done. Went to bed early and woke up today feeling just fine.

Last night on the news we heard something exciting. Republic is getting a What-a-Burger! Republic is west of Springfield and south of us. It the largest of half a dozen small towns surrounding Springfield and has managed to become more than a bedroom town. They have the Aldi where we shop. They also have an Amazon distribution center. I’m impressed by their ability to attract new businesses.

We got some much needed rain overnight. It may have had some snowflakes mixed in but I didn’t get up to check. It was 30* when I got up, with a predicted high of 40. It’s sunny but not a lot of warmth being radiated. A good day to be grateful for all our many blessings.

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