Temperature Whiplash

Yesterday it was 62* at 7 am. Today it was 30* at 7 am. it was sunny today but only in the 40’s with a gusty north wind.

More red leaves on our poinsettia. This one might be in full glory by Christmas but I picked up another one to enjoy now.

Our peanuts are still drying. I’m still looking for Granny’s peanut brittle recipe. I tasted one peanut. Aside from a bit too much moisture, it was tasty…for a raw peanut. I prefer them roasted unless they are in peanut brittle.

Like everyone else, my calendar is getting filled up with events and obligations. Fortunately Tuesday mornings will be free for a few weeks. Our church quilting group is taking a break until January. I appreciate the extra hours in my week but will miss all the members. In spite of lots of talking and laughing, we get a lot done.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well stocked Aldi was this morning. I have a 14 pound Butterball turkey thawing in the fridge. They had fresh cranberries too. In fact I got everything on my list. It cost a bit more than I expected, but that seems to be the new normal.

4 thoughts on “Temperature Whiplash

  1. Marica

    What did you pay for your turkey? I picked up a fresh one at Kroger for $1.99/lb (with card). I probably have receipts filed away, but my recollections are that for year and years turkeys (frozen) have been $0.99/lb. John was excited that the turkey was fresh, but worried that it would stay so. So we cranked the temp down on the Bunkhouse fridge which we reasoned would be lower than the open cooler at the store.

    We, too, are in yoo-yoo weather. High of 60 when we got up this morning. Fell to mid 40s as the front moved in. Then sun, and now cold (for us).

    1. jobethbrady Post author

      Ours was frozen, but only 87c/lb. I think it was 83c/lb last year. Frozen is always cheaper than fresh. I haven’t even seen an ad for fresh turkeys. Our total bill for the thanksgiving meal was $137 and last year it was barely over $100. I expected $120 tops.

      1. Marica

        We picked up a frozen one today. I think it was $0.99/lb. Also a ham for $1.99/lb. Both are in the deep freezer now. We’re pretty well stocked but I feel really sorry for young families (and we were one once) who operate on a thin margin.

      2. jobethbrady Post author

        I plan to pick up a frozen ham with bone soon. Aldi had them but we still have a full freezer. And I worry about young families too…because we also lived hand to mouth for a few years.

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