The wind was a torrent of darkness

Among the gusty trees. The moon was ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas

Those verses(as sung by Loreena McKennit) from “The Highwayman “ came into my head when I woke up in the middles of the night and looked out the window. Today the clouds and wind are gone and the temperature got up to 64*. It was a good at to finish some garden tasks we didn’t complete before the cold and wind last week.

That included digging up the peanuts. We planted them late and let them freeze, but we harvested some peanuts. Now to let them dry and then knock off the dirt. We’ll roast some as maybe keep enough raw to make some peanut brittle. My granny made some good peanut brittle. I may have to look through her box of clipped and hand written recipes to hopefully find it.

Saturday I deep cleaned the living room and we assembled the Christmas tree. Unfortunately we haven’t located the multi-colored LED lights we’ve been using, but found older white lights. I’ll do one more search of Christmas boxes and if I can’t find the multicolored lights, we’ll go with the white ones. it’s really about the ornaments anyway.

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