And the leaves came tumbling down

We were on the way to the cardiac wing of mercy hospital at 5:15 this morning. Our driveway and the road were full of leaves that came down with the overnight rain and wind. It was still dark as we battled the wind from the parking lot to the west entrance just before 6 AM. Since only one person can go in with the patient, that was my mom. I hung out in the main lobby while my dad had his pacemaker battery replaced and then had a couple hours of observation to be sure everything was working properly. This new battery should be good for 10-11 years. My dad got his discharge papers about 11. After dropping them off at their place, I came home, ate lunch and took a nap.

Today never warmed up even though the sun was out for a while. It’s going to be a frosty evening of high school football championships tonight. There’s a chance of some rain about dark. The weather person mentioned seeing some snow flurries. It’s a good night for chicken and rice soup and staying inside.

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