Thank you for your service

Yesterday we drove my parents to the outlet malls in Branson. The colors of the trees seemed a bit subdued but that may have been due to the gray skies. The leaves may have also been just past their peak. The individual trees in Willard are still bright and colorful.

It was a successful shopping day. Dennis got yet another pair of Merrill shoes the same color and style he’s been wearing for years. My mom found cute pjs for all her great grandkids. That’s her Christmas tradition gift to them. My mom and Dennis both wanted new jeans but couldn’t find the style they like in their sizes.

Hannah and Junior have decided to get married in Springfield. They found a venue that looks perfect on the website. My friend Teresa and I have an appointment for a tour next Friday. If it meets our approval, we’ll pick a late summer or early fall 2022 date that they have available. I’ll probably be on FaceTime with Hannah most of the tour.

A cold front and some rain came through last night. Today is sunny but 54 and windy. We’re looking at 20’s at night and 40’s for highs over the weekend. Winter’s coming.

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