Indian Summer

I’m enjoying our sunny warm days. One more tomorrow and then back to cold rainy weather. Until then I’m soaking up all the rays possible.

Our fig trees are showing a bit of frost damage but the figs are still hard and green with no signs of ripening. this may not be a successful experiment, but we’ll give it a few more years. With global warming, they might start thriving.

We had our propane tank filled this morning. It cost 50% more than our last tank. Fortunately we get our propane from a foamy owned business. The original parents are mostly retired. Their daughter answers the phone and does the books. She’s chatty and it takes a while to end the call. Her husband and brother do most of the deliveries but today her nephew filled our tank. We sent him back with sweet potatoes to share. He thinks we’ll have plenty of propane this winter but we won’t like the price.

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