Dia de Los Muertos

It was appropriate to wake up to gray skies and the sound of crows this morning. Some of them seem to have migrated from the cemetery to our trees. Hopefully this is just a temporary location and they’ll move on.

Yesterday afternoon we helped out with our church Trunk or Treat. There were some very creative trunks and then those similar to mine. Purple ghosts on white plastic and the word boo. I wore my long purple coat (to be ghostlike) and kept reasonably warm while handing out candy. Lots of really cute costumes. I hope someone was counting how many kids came through. There were also games and Dennis took our tractor and trailer for hay rides. Someone else brought square bales of hay for seating. Dennis drove around the big grassy area beside the church. He’d unload one wagon full of kids and another load was waiting to hop on. The event ended just before total darkness. He must have been building good karma with this activity because he hit a deer heading home and it didn’t damage the truck. He said it made a huge crash, had a big rack, looked him in the eye and kept going. I can’t explain it, but I’m grateful for it.

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