Indian Summer?

I’m not sure if you can call it Indian Summer if there hasn’t been a frost, but it’s 86* and 90* is predicted for tomorrow. Maybe we’re just in a rerun of summer.

Thursday evening Dennis and I celebrated my birthday at Springfield Brewing Co. in addition to some good beer, they serve good food. Dennis chose the Ghost IPA And I had an ale. We started with chips and salsa with a side of queso. Then we split their “brewben” sandwich. They have the proportions of meat, cheese and sauerkraut just right. It’s served o n rye from a local bakery. We don’t often drive o Springfield just for a meal, but when we do we try to be sure it’s special.

I spent much of yesterday finishing _White Ivy_. It had some interesting twists and an ending I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t like any of the characters by the end of the book but it’s well written.

This morning I stumbled upon the final episode of “A Chef’s Life “. I’ve seen several episodes over the past few years and find Vivian Howard an interesting figure. She’s someone I’d like to have as a friend or neighbor. I’d definitely like to eat her food. On this episode she found pawpaws and used them to make a version of banana pudding. It will probably be 3 more years before we get pawpaws from our trees. She also made chow chow to serve at the final dinner. Since she was serving it and not canning it, she included ripe yellow cherry tomatoes and watermelon rind with a bit of ripe watermelon on it. I may have to see if she has a cookbook, although she never seems to measure any of her ingredients.

I have my fall decorations out and today spent a few minutes selecting a few favorite Halloween decorations to place here and there. Every year my seasonal decorations get more minimal.

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer?

  1. Marica

    Happy birthday!

    Hot here, too. John’s lawn mover has been out of commission or in the shop for almost four weeks, I think. Finally got it back so he tackled the “yard.” What a wreck. I’d say you should see it, but I really don’t want anyone to see it!

    I’m with you on the decorating. Today I started swapping out the light and bright dishes on the display hutch for the Autumn pattern, same with the table runners, etc. At least it’s all fresh looking!


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