Last night we celebrated my dad’s 88th birthday. Matt,Sara, Jax, and Zane got him this awesome shirt.

We grilled burgers and hotdogs. We had potato salad and lots of pickles. Also birthday cake. It was a great time.

With all the extra time I have post canning season, I turned into a social butterfly this week. Thursday I met my friend Julie at the mall we masked up and walked around the mall. We did a lot of chatting and may have wandered into a couple of stores and even did some economy boosting with a few purchases. It was a cloudy day with scattered showers predicted, which is why we opted for indoor walking. We had .2” in our rain gauge that evening.

Friday, Brenda and I checked out an estate sale in Willard. The woman who had lived there had been a crafter and card maker, so I gave a lot of her fancy paper and rubber stamps a new home. Brenda was more practical and came home with some unique jelly jars.

We got some heavy rain during the night but by mid morning Saturday it was clearing up. Brenda and I braved the rain to get to the farmers market early. There was more produce than I expected, but apples and pumpkins were the most plentiful. Dennis was with our church men’s group making apple butter. They made 234 pints, which will be for sale after church next Sunday. I’m sure they’ll sell it all. They always do.

Today is cloudy and only 66*. I plan to spend my afternoon simmering chili and play with my “new” rubber stamps.

1 thought on “88

  1. Marica

    Happy birthday to your dad!

    I would love some apple butter. Sounds so Fall and I am so ready for a nice loooong Fall.


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