Most of the time I think of enough in the positive sense. I’m happy because I have enough family, friends, health, money to pay the bills, things to do and challenges to figure out. Right now I’ve had it with frustration. ENOUGH!

I now write my blog on my phone because my 2007 computer is too outdated to use any of the browsers that WordPress now requires to upload the site. I suppose at some point I’ll say”enough” and get a new computer.

Our family reunion planned for Las Vegas in October had to be cancelled because of CoVid19. Family members too young to be vaccinated and others with health concerns make the trip a health risk and no one in the family would ever risk another’s health. It’s disappointing and a few curse words may have crossed my lips, but it can be rescheduled.

The hot weather continues with little chance of rain. I’ve had enough of watering plants but will continue. I want the trees, bushes and perennials to survive.

Our solar plans are on hold. Someone made a mistake in how many panels our pole barn roof could have. It was calculated to give us 102% of current electric use, but with fewer panels we’d only have 80% of current use. Not acceptable. So the company will have to figure out another plan. Some ground mounted panels? I’ve had enough and bounced the ball into their court.

I’ve had enough of canning and put my pressure canner up for the season. I preserved have enough food to last the winter.

Saturday evening we celebrated Dennis’ birthday. He got some grilling tools to go with his new grill. He also got some fancy store bought shorts so he doesn’t have to wear old cut-offs when we go out.

I’ve had enough of summer but can’t so much about when fall weather arrives. Ive made enough changes in my current situation that I will have enough time to read and work on a few crafting projects. and that’s enough.

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