A Day of No Canning

Yesterday I canned 5 pints of diced tomatoes, 4 pints of tomato sauce and 10 pints of pickled okra. Today I’m taking a break from the kitchen. I danced around the living room and bedrooms with a broom, the turned the Roomba loose on the floors. Then Khloe and I headed downstairs to straighten up and organize in the basement.

We didn’t eat a fish sandwich at the sports bar like we intended on Friday evening. We decided to look around and see what other restaurants had outdoor dining and found several. We ate at Civil Kitchen. Dennis had a burger and fries. I had their version of a BLT. It was sliced granny smith apples, bacon, lettuce slathered in their “secret sauce”, and served on a waffle. Delicious. Our first stop on the art walk was just a few steps away at the Park Central branch library. The paintings were abstract doodles that had been colored in bright colors. We met the artist, a retired geometry teacher, and the paintings made perfect sense. We went to several other locations where paintings were being shown and ran into Meaghan Rosen, my fiber arts teacher from 2 years ago. It was fun to chat for a few minutes and then move on. It was close to 9 when we got home (2 late nights in a row!) and there was thunder and lightning off to the west. We got a bit of rain during the night.

We spent the rest of the Labor Day Weekend at home. Life is still all about the garden, so there isn’t anything interesting to report. It’s less humid so the temperature is getting down to mid-60’s overnight but bouncing up into upper 80’s or lower 90’s by early afternoon. I’m ready for it to start feeling more like fall.

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