Are you allowed to say that if you don’t work a M-F job? I’m still aware of the weekend and like to relax a bit, even if I’m retired.

Dennis and I decided to not sell at the Willard Farmer’s Market this evening. Instead, we are heading to Springfield to check out the First Friday Art Walk. We went once this spring but haven’t made it back since. We’re hoping to find our little hole-in-the-wall sports bar that serves (or used to) fish sandwiches on Fridays and has a few tables outside along the sidewalk.

Yesterday we had supper with Russ & Teresa. We met at Tie & Timber brewery. They have a large outdoor seating area but don’t serve food. Across the street is a small Mexican “shack” that serves only carry out. Owners don’t mind if you bring outside food to eat while drinking their beer. I had a very interesting beer called Basil Saison. It was dry with a hint of basil and refreshing. It went well with tacos and black beans. The outside area was shaded and the temperature in upper 80’s with lower than usual humidity, so it was pleasant to sit at a picnic table and chat for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, by the time 9 PM rolled around, we were all ready to go home and hit the sack. This happens as you age and continue to work hard and get up early.

We continue to find several tomato hornworms every day. The damage is growing but I’m not ready to pull up the plants. Pulling up all the tomatoes and burning them is the final solution, but we aren’t there yet. I’m considering dusting the leaves with diatomaceous earth. There’s still a lot of ripening tomatoes yet to be canned, and we haven’t even discussed fried green tomatoes and green tomato pickles and relish.

I started reading The Life She Wished to Live by Ann McCutchan. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is one of my favorite writers. Several years ago my friend Patty and I went to Cross Creek and visited her homestead which is now a state park. I don’t have as much time for reading now that I’m canning tomatoes, which don’t even half the time in the pressure canner as the green beans did.

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