The Great Horse Escape

Our neighbors horses have a lot of interest in the pasture and fence line clearing that Dennis has been doing. IMG_0883.jpgJust a few days ago I took this photo and asked Dennis if he thought the horses might try to come across the fence and graze on our new grass.  He didn’t think so.  Yesterday while I was babysitting Jax & Zane, the horses found an open gate and made their escape.  Their first stop wasn’t our pasture, but Larry’s front lawn.  I missed all the exciting cowboy skills of Larry and Dennis as they tried to round up the horses but only suceeded in getting them to run up and down the road.  Getting them into our pasture required them going through a gate and they wanted no  part of that.  Finally Aaron showed up with a couple buckets of grain.  The horses eventually followed him (and the grain buckets) back into their pasture.  Aaron said someone had opened the gate on their pasture and that was how they got out.  Just one more reason why it is better to know someone with horses than to have horses.

Jax, Zane and I had lots of fun hanging out Tuesday.  Here they are riding “motorcycles” in the living room.  I think kids universally build forts with blankets and couch cushions, but turning couch cushions into motorcycles was new to me.thumbnail_IMG_2897-1

Monday and Tuesday afternoons were sunny and in the 50’s.  Today started with a hard rain and the gray skies remain.  Rain is supposed to resume later in the afternoon and last through the night.  Unfortunately Thursday starts at about freezing and then the temperatures drop.  What happens at that point depends on whether the rain has moved out before the cold front really settles in.  But because it is Missouri, temperatures will be back into the 60’s on Saturday and Sunday.



2 thoughts on “The Great Horse Escape

  1. Marica

    Stay tuned! I have great sympathies regarding your great horse escape! And very glad they got them back where they belong.

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